We ALL know the struggle when it comes to finding either parking or free parking downtown. Plus, a lot of us stress doing what we need to take care of downtown because of the time limit on the parking meter. The parking meter only gives you two hours' worth of parking.

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Now if you think about it two hours isn't really a decent time for those who need more. I remember times I would stress the hell out running an errand downtown that took longer than other times. Only because I didn't want to receive a ticket, I would actually step out of the line to refill my parking meter time.

Apparently, there is some beef between the parking enforcement downtown and the people who feel violated by them. There are other El Pasoans that deal with parking meter struggles almost every day. An El Paso man, Mike Pajarito is asking for your help by signing a Defund the Parking Enforcement petition. The Defund the Parking Enforcement petition was set up by Storm Craig.

Now I know parking isn't free but Storm Craig has a point about keeping the poor enslaved. There are 415 people in El Paso at the moment that signed a petition currently being shared. The petition that was created by Storm Craig needs 500 signatures to be featured in recommendations.

You can see the statement Storm Craig made and sign the petition if you feel the same by clicking here. Hopefully, there can be a middle ground between the two parties in the future.

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