Since the Covid-19 regulations were lifted there hasn't been much of a change with people wearing masks. When you're out and about in El Paso most businesses have stuck to keeping one regulation around. Almost every business in El Paso is sticking to keeping the mask mandate around despite the lift.

At first, Albertsons decided not to make masks mandatory then later changed their decision. But there are some people who were happy about the lift and choose not to wear a mask. Well, it is up to them whether they choose to wear a mask or not but in another country, you don't have a choice.

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We all know Lucha libre wrestlers are known for wearing face masks as a part of their career. Well, in Mexico some wrestlers are not taking light on people who don't wear masks. Some Luca libre wrestlers were on the hunt for people who weren't wearing a mask while shopping.

The Lucha libre wrestlers managed to find a handful of people without their masks. The wrestlers went strolling around and would stop anyone who wasn't wearing a mask. So what the wrestlers would do is they would spray down the person with disinfectant then put a mask to cover their mouth and nose.

You can witness it yourself above thanks to Guardian News. It was pretty funny to watch and glad the people without masks didn't start any drama over it. Heck, the Lucha libre wrestlers are trying to help those without a mask be cool like them.

Luckily, most El Pasoans I have seen is always wearing their mask out and about. I don't think El Paso would need Lucha libre wrestlers because so far a lot of businesses are keeping the mask policy around still. But watching the video I couldn't help but wonder where the heck was Cinta de Oro formerly known as Sin Cara. It would have been neat to see him be a part of this funny crew of Lucha libre wrestlers enforcing masks on people without them.

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