How would you feel about eating it? What if I told you it wasn't a REAL puppy but, rather, ice cream crafted to look like a very realistic puppy? Check it out.


少女心整個大噴發❤️ #臭臭#雪兒❄️#豆豆

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For now the disturbingly lifelike ice cream are only being offered at the J.C. Co. Kitchen in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (and, come on, Taiwan. Really? Is this treat really going to reflect well on you given some of your more "traditional" food sources?)  But, I figure since it's gone viral this week there won't be a shortage of ice cream artists close to home recreating the effect.  And the effect really is pretty amazing. If you look really closely to some of these pictures, the artists post-freeze the ice cream puppies for a few minutes. The freezing causes crystals that actually look like puppy fur. Delicious, delicious puppy fur.

The restaurant says they only charge about $4 U.S. but, because they're so labor intensive they can only make  about a hundred per day. almost sounds like they're running some kind of ice cream sweatshop over in Taiwan. But, can it even be a sweatshop if you're doing it inside a walk-in freezer.

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