Taiwanese Funeral Strippers. Need We Say More? [VIDEO]
There is a practice in rural Taiwan where, to send a family's dear (male) departed out with a bang with...funeral strippers. We're not kidding. The strippers show up in strip-clubs-on-wheels the Taiwanese call "Electric Flower Cars" and do dances hot enough to raise the dead, giving new meaning to "pushing up daisies".
[VIDEO] Taiwanese Animators + Osama bin Laden = Hilarity!
You knew for this story that it wouldn't take those crazy Taiwanese animators at NMA TV long to work something up on Osama bin Laden's assassination by the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team 6 (ironically, the same unit started by recent KLAQ Morning Show visitor Richard Marcinko in the aftermath of the failed rescue of the U.S. Embassy hostages in Iran.)
Teen Star Miley Cyrus And Her New Hit
Those crazy Taiwanese animators are at it again, this time with a video "news" report about Miley Cyrus' bad behavior. Like many of their previous videos, this one is an instant classic. Miley takes her bong hit and hallucinates a giant brown bear. Then she throws up.