I fondly remember my single days when my friends and I would pay a visit to the good old Stampede. The Stampede was known for always being packed on Thursdays and Saturdays. Some of you know The Stampede as Little Bit of Texas now. Since the last two other businesses didn't work out, Little Bit of Texas has remained open since. If you recall we have the weather to blame for being the reason to shut down The Stampede. After the storm in 2006, it caused hundreds of millions in damage to homes and businesses. The Stampede was one of those hundreds and left a bunch of country goers bummed. After The Stampede closed, a married couple re-opened another country bar known as The Storm Nightclub. I was a part of the cocktail waitressing staff and stayed open for a while until they shut down. The song above is what reminds me of The Stampede AND The Storm Nightclub. But if the storm in 2006 didn't cause havoc, do you think The Stampede would still exist?

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