If you drive on Mesa on the westside you know that for years TxDOT has been working on improving the roadway that is one of the most used roads in El Paso. Since before the pandemic, TxDOT road crews have been working to repave the vital west El Paso roadway. Mesa took a beating during road construction on I-10 that itself caused years of headaches for drivers in west El Paso. Traffic from I-10 was often diverted onto Mesa and it put a lot of stress and strain on a roadway that was not designed or built to handle the amount of traffic it saw during the years of I-10 construction.

TxDOT is in the business of road construction and maintenance of the state of Texas' roads, but they do a pretty poor job of the whole thing as is evidenced by the way they left Mesa in the UTEP area and the way they left the Executive Center area for months. I drive from Executive to Montana every day and it was ridiculous how TxDOT left things. There were road constructions barrels that warned drivers about massive potholes and intersections and medians that weren't paved. The uneven road was a suspension killer on vehicles, but they finally at least got the unpaved parts of the stretch of Mesa between UTEP and Executive paved although it is not much of an improvement. So now what is TxDOT up to? Not taking questions from the media, apparently.


“No, I’m fully booked. Sorry.”
When a local news station asked about the North Mesa Rehabilitation project at the intersection of Mesa and Brentwood, they were told by TxDOT spokewoman Jennifer Wright, “No, I’m fully booked. Sorry.” The news station wanted details about when work on the intersection in front of the Hoppy Monk would begin but Wright wasn't talking. TxDOT had said that the drainage project was supposed to begin in 2-3 weeks but three weeks later no work has begun.

I have a problem with people who work for agencies that are funded by taxpayer money not answer questions about that money. No one asked TxDOT to give a timeline for the work on that intersection, they put that timeline out there. Not answering questions about it is simply not professional or acceptable. I hope Wright gets back to the news station soon and answers the questions they have. That is her job and it's our money.

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