There are some El Paso men who walk out of a doctor's office feeling proud. Usually, it is times like those that take you back to your childhood days.

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For example, going to the dentist's office and then being rewarded with a gift bag after your visit. Well, there are some grown El Paso men who still get a prize after a doctor's visit.

I know, right? Even as a grown woman I am a little jealous and wish I could get a prize for popping out two kids.

But yes, when some men visit a local Center for Reproductive Health in El Paso, only some are given a delighted surprise. For example, a Westside center gives men with a good sperm count a sperm keychain.

Don't ask me how I know about this interesting fact.

Now I am wondering about one thing about the men in El Paso who own them.

I want to know if the men who were given a sperm keychain rock it like a gold medal. I would also like to know about the other men who might be embarrassed by that keychain and just store it somewhere.

If I were a dude I would definitely feel proud to rock a keychain like that. Plus, it also throws a warning and helpful tip out there for partners who are not married to use protection.

If you're trying to have kids and no results have popped up it may cause concern. If you're in this boat, just know it doesn't hurt to get checked.

Plus, you may even walk out with a prize after your special visit. If you're at all curious about your liquid soldiers then you can get checked and maybe score a prize after here.

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