There are places we like to escape to find some peace in our lives. Sometimes some of those places feel like a magical getaway. It's not really that hard to find where to escape to in El Paso. First, before getting into all of that, play some background music (below) while you escape to fantasy a bit.

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Some people like to visit spooky places you've heard all sorts of scary stories about. For example, the underground school bus has gained a lot of attention from locals. Some people just like to go out there and scope out the bus and hang out.

Other places stressed or overwhelmed people like to visit would be anywhere in paradise. The next best since you can't exactly book a flight and trip to Hawaii whenever just visit the Toltec Tiki Room. But there is a new place that is coming to the Westside that Alice In Wonderland fanatics can escape to from time to time.

But a place like this will definitely attract more than just Alice In Wonderland fanatics. I definitely would like to visit this nifty bar once it opens this summer. I know quite a few people who will be thrilled once this spot opens.

So if you feel your reality is different from others, then Madhatter is a place for you to hang soon. The new bar's theme will revolve around Alice In Wonderland and some of their specialty cocktails. Oh, and you remember the potion Alice drinks to shrink, the drink me potion shots look mouthwatering. Check it for yourself directly below or go down the rabbit hole and see it appear by clicking here. And trust me, you WILL be amazed.

This newly themed bar Madhatter is on the Westside of town just beside Rubiks Arcade Bar. Just stepping inside the bar you will feel as if you fell down the rabbit hole yourself. The decor inside the place gives you hella strong Alice In Wonderland vibes. Their social media outlets show little teasers of the place, hence backing up what I just said before.

Madhatter Pub and Grub haven't released an exact date of when they will officially open to the public. But the little teasers Madhatter's Instagram has been sharing tell us this summer. So later this summer you can enjoy the world of the Madhatter and all it has to offer.

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