Drive down I-10 in El Paso and you'll lose track of the number of drivers trying to set some kind of speed record in seconds. I think I really have a shot though ...

Thanks to the fact that I work in radio, and the availability of certain "vehicles", I have just about everybody beat when it comes to speed records. I can only claim the bronze medal though.

Seriously, I have a pretty good leg to stand on here but I must admit ... while doing my best Maury Povich impersonation ... I am NOT the fastest.

Even animals like to go fast and some really excel, make that excel - elerate, at it. The top 3 being the cheetah, (75mph), the sailfish, (68mph) and the Perigrine falcon - 2-freakin'-40 when diving.

That's in terms of natural ability. Get machinery involved and the smart money's on us.

The Fastest El Pasoans - 3rd place

That would be me, Dubba G. Thanks to being in the media and helping promote the Amigo Air Sho over the years, I got a few free rides. Once in the Shock Wave where we topped out at 317mph.

Technically, I could claim 2nd as I've flown with jet teams too, topping 400mph with the Canadian Snow Birds and doing about 600mph during certain maneuvers with the USAF Thunderbirds. (They can do over 1,000mph but they go "easy" on passengers.)

I'll keep my entry on the ground though and let the real pilots enjoy their moment ... in 2nd place.

The Fastest El Pasoans - 2nd place

This one goes to commercial jet pilots from El Paso. They average 550mph during flight while takeoff speeds aren't as impressive as they feel like they are. The plane starts to leave the ground at around 170mph.

Seriously - that's it. Jeez, we have motorcycles that go faster. Watch this unmodified, "stock", Kawasaki top 200.

The Fastest El Pasoans - 1st place

There are lots of pilots and quite a few jet truck jockeys but there aren't many astronauts and, to my knowledge, only one from El Paso - Danny Olivas.

He flew on Space Shuttles Atlantis and Discovery and he went crazy fast.  Shuttles average 3,000mph during liftoff and can hit over 27,000mph in flight. Day-um.

Winner, winner - chicken dinner ... showoff.

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