A couple of my favorite albums marked some milestones recently, take a trip down memory lane with them here!

Two of my favorite albums celebrated anniversaries over the last couple of weeks.

Nine Inch Nails released "The Downward Spiral" 24 years ago.  (March 8th, 1994) The album remains one of their strongest records ever and contained two of their best-known tracks, "Closer" and "Hurt".  ("Hurt" actually went on to become of my favorite Johnny Cash songs too. His version of it is incredible.)

Video has some language in it ... probably NSFW!

Pantera released one of the GREATEST heavy metal albums of all time, "Vulgar Display Of Power", 26 years ago on February 25th, 1992.  That album contained monsters like "A New Level", "F***ing Hostile", "This Love" and their anthem, "Walk"

Happy 24th and 26th to these albums and congrats to their creators for writing some of the most timeless rock music ever!

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