I have always said I would never split from Android but pretty jealous of the most recent iPhone app. There is now a new app called shortcuts that records the police when you're getting pulled over. Since the police wear body cameras, now every iPhone user can have their own camera too. I do give props to Apple for creating this kind of app that would be useful. I say that because of a situation I and some other people I know have gone through with cops.

One night I had gone out with some friends and a friend of a friend needed a ride back to base. At the time I was living on the Westside and didn't mind giving him a ride. I don't know my way around Fort Bliss much so there is a certain road you can only go 20 mph, which I didn't know. That was until I got pulled over by a military officer. He was asking why I was on base and explained how I was driving a soldier home. But the jerk was being a complete a** to me the whole time while he had me waiting. I wanted to place a complaint on the guy for being so rude to me after I was doing a favor for one of their own. But if I would have had the shortcuts app, it wouldn't have been my word against his. So if you have an iPhone, download this helpful app the next time you get pulled over! And if you're wondering about whether or not the officer gave me a ticket, he did!

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