Ok, we all know that things are said to be bigger in Texas and, quite often, they are. This particular thing is, literally, nuts.

Texas is loaded with over the top things. The lone star state prides itself on everything being bigger within it and some of these Texas sized objects are a little on the weird side.

We're the 2nd largest state in the union and we have the largest ranch in the USA among other, "normal", really big things. Like, in El Paso, the biggest military training area and the largest urban park ... a park located completely within a city. We don't play around.

We've got some really "quirky" big things too like a pair of giant pecans. Yep, there's two of 'em. The worlds biggest pair of cowboy boots are here too, standing next to a mall in San Antonio.

Now we can add this too the list, the worlds largest nut. Yes, a massive nut sits at a welding company in Humble, Texas.

“It consists of steel with the outer sides being built with 10-gauge steel and the threads created of 14-gauge,” Sosa said. “Just the threads alone, it took 30 sheets of 14-gauge. The weight of this is 4,400 lbs. The amount of steel is unknown at the moment.” - click2houston.com

The hex nut, which measures 16 feet across and 18 feet from point to point, was built by JK Welding. Why? I couldn't tell you but, if you want to see it in person, head to Patriot Bolt and Fasteners in Humble.

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