Traveling at 70 miles per hour, without stopping, it takes almost a full business day ... 7.3 hours ... to drive the longest highway in Arizona from end to end.

US 191 in Arizona pretty much runs border to border, starting at the international, Mexican border and ending in Utah, near the state line. Gas up, grab some snacks and use the restroom before you leave.

Make sure you have a camera and maybe a jacket too as you're going to travel from one extreme to another in terms of scenery and climate.

US 191 starts/ends in southern Arizona by the US - Mexico border and stretches a total of 517 miles. That's longer than Arizona which is only 400 miles long so, to take 191 end to end, you will go 117 miles into Utah, as far as milepost 517.

East to west, I-10 is Arizona's longest interstate highway coming in at 391 miles.

US 191 will give you quite a ride as you travel from the blazing hot desert near the Mexican border north across the state.  It's a beautiful drive as 191 takes you across the Gila River and along part of the Coronado Trail.

In northern Arizona, you'll find the complete opposite of the desert where you started with cooler temps and, depending on when you go, maybe some snow. You can take a virtual drive here.

US 191 is pretty impressive, length-wise, but it doesn't hold a candle to the longest highway in Texas. That one takes almost 12 hours to drive end to end and also begins/ends at the Mexican border, near Brownsville. From there it goes to the Oklahoma state line and continues all the way to the northern border with Canada.

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