This young girl Courtney represented women everywhere in the coolest manner possible! She attended a Dallas Mavericks game and had a chance to win a Sony 65' inch 4k Tv by making an impossible half court shot.

This young girl impressed the Dallas Mavericks players and especially her favorite player, Dirk Nowitzki. Detodo UnPoco published this shocking and jaw-dropping moment as Courtney made heads turn after her shot. She had to score a half-court shot in order to win the prize and most would consider it impossible until she made it possible that night. This video is proof that something impossible can actually BE possible! She probably could care less about the free Tv and cared more about impressing Dirk himself. You can see she even amazed herself after attempting the half court shot by her reaction.

If you ever doubt yourself on ANYTHING, just remember this moment and tell yourself you can do it!

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