Jason Mercier just might be the world's biggest Green Bay Packers fan and he does not even live in Wisconsin. Mercier lives in Michigan's Menominee County in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) But that does not stop him from wearing his special yellow Green Bay Packers suit jacket and crown to every Packers game where he has dubbed himself "King of the North"

We all know the Packers have a massive fan base outside of Wisconsin and actually being in the U.P. makes it doable to drive people around in his giant party bus he has named "The Big Cheese." This is no ordinary bus it is absolutely loaded with Green Bay Packer swag inside every inch of the bus.

Not only was this a great vehicle to cart friends and families around but he also rented out the party bus for weddings, parties, special events, and of course Packer games for some serious tailgating.

Mercier purchased the 1990 bus from some brothers who used it to tailgate at Packers games for 25 years. With an asking price of $14.000 Mercier said to NBC26: " it has seating for 14, as well as a bar, built-in cooler, and a restroom. All the bells and whistles of a man cave, mine just happens to be mobile."

Asked why he is selling the bus Mercier actually had a couple of different reasons. He is trying to save money for his son to go to college, he is trying to eliminate some of his overhead expenses and he wants to take a trip to England this year for the Packers game in London. He went on to say he might even bring his son.

Well even though he is willing to sell the ultimate Green Bay Packer fan mobile he still sticks out as one of many die-hard Packers fans that are around. So what do you say any Packers fans wanting to buy this bus? Or may a Vikings fan who will gut it and paint it purple? Only one thing you would have a hard time finding a place to park that beast near US Bank stadium.

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