Spongebob Squarepants is hands down one of the most recognizable cartoons in the world. If you've never seen it, you're bound to know someone who HAS. Plenty of sports in both the major leagues & minor leagues have given us plenty of Spongebob moments.

If you've never seen an episode of Spongebob, you're aware of the theme song

We've seen at least a couple of Texas teams use Spongebob as part of a tribute, a wacky cartoon for their sports teams, or to demonstrate the rivalry with their division rivals.

Let's start with the Dallas Cowboys

Any Dallas Cowboys fan knows who their rivals are & FOX decided to have some fun with that in 2019 by creating this parody of Spongebob & Patrick arguing in class. Spongebob plays the role of the Eagles while Patrick plays the role of the Cowboys.

However the NFL wouldn't be the only major league sport to use Spongebob as a parody for their team,

Let's see the Dallas Mavericks create the Spongebob intro

In November of 2013, nearly a decade ago, the Dallas Mavericks made an official "parody" of the Spongebob intro with the inclusion of Dirk Nowitzki, James Carter & Monta Ellis all in the art style of Spongebob.

But perhaps the most well known use of Spongebob happened in the NHL

After the tragic passing of original creator, Stephen Hillenburg, in 2018, the Dallas Stars included the song Sweet Victory during the halftime show for a Dallas Stars game on February 4th, 2019 (in response to the Super Bowl NOT paying tribute during the Half Time show. The Dallas Stars would take on the Arizona Coyotes & win 3-1.

Since then the Dallas Stars has used the song as a way to get the crowd pumped up during the games. (Perhaps they would play this song if they win another Stanley Cup like how they do with Pantera since their first Cup)

Don't forget baseball too

While we have to see a Texas team use Spongebob in the major leagues, the Frisco RoughRiders in the minor leagues DID have a Spongebob night in 2019; where the players worse Spongebob jerseys that were auctioned off to benefit the charity Embrace Texas. They've also incorporated a "Spongebob run" during intermissions to see if you're faster than Spongebob running.

Don't forget the El Paso Chihuahuas Spongebob jerseys

Yes they not only made these jerseys in 2022 to be auctioned for charity, they too wore the jerseys during the game against the Albuquerque Isotopes on June 11, aka Nickelodeon Night.

Most likely we'll see more of these moments & parodies involving Spongebob. When & which team, we'll have to see.

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