This is a good one. It happened in March of last year but, I bet it will hold the "car wreck of the year" award for many years to come!

WBBJTV in Tennessee reported that a lady was left hanging for a couple of hours after she drove up a telephone pole. That story doesn't detail how the accident occurred but, the Jackson Sun quoted Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins as saying the woman drove up the wires and her car spun around the pole. (HAA! A pole dancing car!)

Medina police said:

the woman's car went off the road, hit a fence, and drove down the fence until the car reached the wires. Police said the car went up the wires, and a horizontal guy-wire wrapped around a tire, leaving the car suspended.

Assuming she was doing the speed limit posted for that area, that is some pretty impressive driving for 30mph!

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