car crash

Semi-Truck Narrowly Misses Man Filming Car Accident
After witnessing two semi-trucks crash and block the exit to New Brunswick, a motorist decided to take a video of the crash. He only recorded the video to pass time as he waited for the scene to be cleared, but ended up recording his own near-death experience.
Trucks Plows Thru Store
A lower valley store released the shocking security camera footage of a vehicle crashing through their building. The owner of Xicali Imports was only a few feet away from where the truck came plowing in.
Car vs Road Explosion
For some crazy reason, it seems like every Russian car has a dashboard camera and its a good thing because they always seem to capture some crazy things.
For example, check out this video in which a dashboard camera captures a pipe bursting beneath a Russian road
People Vs Winter-Who Ya Got? [Video]
It's no secret that snow and ice  is my sports car's kryptonite.  Yeah for some reason convertibles don't do well in winter. Check out this video compilation filled with ice-induced pavement pile-ups, out of control vehicles, winter wipeouts, and a smattering of death defier…
Ozzy Gets His License at 62 And Crashes His Ferrari
Ozzy is back in the news!!!
OZZY Osbourne is a menace to society!
The rocker accidentally crashed his new Ferrari into the back of another car on Monday!
Ozzy — who only recently passed his driving test — was involved in a minor collision while out and about in Los Angeles, according to his…