As if Florida didn't have enough weirdness ...

One of our favorite bits around here is playing "Florida vs. New Mexico". That's where we tell you some strange, odd, disgusting or bizarre story and you have to guess which state it took place in. (Believe it or not, they run pretty even.)

A few examples include "assault rifle found in new baby bouncer" and "Floridian attempts time travel by driving through casket warehouse".  You get the idea.  Now, comes this ... the National Weather Service has issued a warning for Florida that iguanas will soon fall from the sky.

Well, not the sky so much as trees and tall bushes. Maybe a roof here and there. Florida is only now reaching a point in its winter season where the temperatures will drop below 45 degrees. That's the point at which iguanas go dormant and, basically, "pass out"; releasing their hold on whatever they've grabbed.

Some of these guys grow to over 6 feet and can weigh around 20 pounds. That could hurt so, heads up Florida! (Aaaaand, cue the Drowning Pool...)

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