So some people tend to get overly excited about finding THAT parking space! There is actual footage of someone who gets territorial for a parking space.

It is a scary thought to know how some people go to the extreme for something that shouldn't be a big deal. In North Texas, right outside a bakery, there was a parking dispute going on in the parking lot. The white SUV didn't step on the brakes in time as they sped up to snag the spot. The speaker for the bakery had mentioned that he is thankful it wasn't as serious as it could have turned out to be. I occasionally can anxiously look for an upfront space but only when I am in a rush. I remember at Coronado High School some students were hardcore about finding good parking near C building. I know of a few places in El Paso that have the most road ragers that who are desperate for a good parking space. I listed the places I have witnessed parking disputes several times in the poll below. I believe the mall, Wal-Mart, school, and concert events have the most parking disputes.

If I ever notice people fighting over the spot I'm parked in I will leave my vehicle and just have you two park elsewhere.

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