Discovering your significant other is cheating on you is NEVER a good thing. I had red flags thrown in my face that I ignored when I was being cheated on many times in the past. One of the many red flags I witnessed was finding a hairclip that didn't belong to me. Of course, I joked about him cheating and he got really defensive and I had to tell him I was just joking. But after an anonymous Facebook message, he then came clean and confessed the truth.

It's funny because I can look back at those times and laugh about it now. But one woman busted her cheating boyfriend through the Fitbit app. NFL Reporter Jane Slater was given a Fitbit for Christmas from her boyfriend. The couple had synched up their physical activities to help motivate each other. Who would have thought it would land her now ex-boyfriend in the dog house. One morning her boyfriend was not accounted for but had his physical activity levels spiking at 4 am on the app. Plus, he wasn't enrolled in an Orange Theory class at 4 am either.

This story has been going viral and also been persuading women to buy Fitbits for their partners.

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