Crazy to think someone invented apps to help break a relationship instead of building one stronger. I am not encouraging you to secretly go through your partner's mobile device.

It sucks to know that there are people out there helping people commit infidelity in their relationship. These are 4 applications are red flags that you're dating a cheater. I don't understand how some people would want more than one partner. It's also hard to understand why someone would stay in a relationship to cheat instead of ending it and not hurt any feelings. Apparently, the technology world is making it easier to be the cheater in your relationship. I am hoping one day one faithful inventor will create an app that can help relationships instead of breaking them.

If you notice any of these apps on your significant others cell phone, then it's time to say goodbye to that unfaithful relationship!

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    Private Photo App

    This Private Photo App looks exactly the same as your calculator icon. This app keeps a bunch of secret images you don't want to be stored in your regular photo gallery. It has you enter a password to view the secret images you have in storage for only your eyes to see. If you notice two calculators on your partner's phone, dump that cheating skunk!

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    Cate App

    This app goes by the name of Cate and is used by those who want to keep their side affairs a secret! This app lets you be able to text or call your secret lover and deletes all the evidence. This app keeps your affair on the down low and also requires a password to be useful.

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    GPS Tracking

    Cheating partners enjoy this GPS Tracking app that helps keep them from getting busted. This app helps the cheater know exactly where the location of their unsuspicious partner is. The app protects the cheater from getting caught in the moment where ever that moment may be.

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    Nosy Trap

    The Nosy Trap app allows you to store images in a secret vault that only you can view. Not only that, but it also will capture a picture of whoever tries to get into the app without the correct passcode. Then the cheater will be able to tell who snooped through their phone and tried gaining access.