As the classic post break up song "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood goes, there are a ton of things you could do when you find out that your significant other has been cheating on you. Key their car, slash their tires, carve your name into their leather seats- really the list is endless. However, one woman decided to use the power of glitter to get her revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend.

In a TikTok video, user Hollynicoleeee_ goes on a rampage with glitter all over her ex-boyfriends apartment and she makes sure not to leave any place out! The video is set to, of course, Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats":

You want to feel bad for the guy- but also, he cheated and at least she didn't key his car! She got his shoes, his bed, the bathtub, the carpet! Can you image the clean up on that?! Judging by the futon, the lack of a bed frame and headboard- Holly probably dodged a bullet.

Holly was cool enough to give us a story time on how she ended up finding out her ex- named Alex- was cheating on her:

Holly received some backlash, she was called the queen of petty, pathetic, jealous, etc. However, Holly was also kind enough to provide an update after Alex found the glitter. Apparently, he felt that the act of revenge was appropriate.

In the end, they both go their separate ways, but can you imagine the other people who will end up doing this same thing? If you're going to do this- might I suggest biodegradable glitter? Think about the planet!

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