This guy who is about to go on vacation with his lady thought he would swap her bikinis out for something better! It's funny how a lot of people commented saying he was going to be a dead man for that stunt.

So when it comes to packing for a getaway trip, women sometimes pack double the stuff. Not only do we pack more than we should but double check we have everything we need. I always make a checklist so I don't have to worry later during the trip. But back to the video, you will see above is very hilarious. Her significant other thought he would take out the bikinis she packed for something better. He had a swimsuit personally made for his lady that would definitely draw attention! Her boyfriend sure did get creative when he had this swimsuit made just for her. The one piece on the front has his face with his mouth open on the V area. Then on the back of the swimsuit has his own back and butt! In all honesty, I would go to the closest Target or store to buy a new swimsuit to get out of wearing something like that! His lady didn't kill him for this prank but sure she will double check her luggage from here on out. Reubekah Vidz shows you the turnout on if she wore it or trashed the swimsuit.

Answer honestly below if you would rock any swimming gear your significant other had made for you!

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