William Congreve was right: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and rest assured, she’ll get her revenge — even if she’s on a train at the time.  

On November 29, a lady (and we use the term loosely) on a New Jersey transit train put the beat-down on her no-good cheating excuse for a boyfriend while dozens of people looked on. A passenger captured the happy couple on cell phone video. In the initially-disturbing-and-eventually-hilarious eight minute video, petite 26-year-old Lisa Alyounes slaps, kicks, and spits on her beloved, while he wisely doesn’t raise a hand to fight back.

In the meantime, the ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′-style commentary from spectators gets funnier and funnier — one woman complains she’ll be late to work after the train stops and police are called, while another is upset her dinner is getting cold.

Be sure your speakers are on when you watch (but do be aware there’s some decidedly NSFW language).

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