Take a look at this picture.

"Need to Id this person believed to frequent the areas of Noble and Savannah. Suspected of assaulting female joggers in the area. If you know the identity call Det. Martinez 212-4574 or Crime Stoppers of EP 566-TIPS."

If you know this guy, you are urged to call El Paso Police. There have been a couple incidents that this guy has been involved in.

  • One of the incidents happened on Noble Street just north of downtown El Paso.
  • The other occurred on Savannah Ave. in Central El Paso.

We deal with hard news all the time on the MoSho, so it takes a lot for a story to really get to me, and for some reason this week has been loaded with them. First, there was the puppy that died after going to a groomers. CLICK HERE for the article. I have 3 dogs of my own and my wife asked me what would happen if someone did that to one of our dogs. I told her she'd better have bail money because someone is catching ass whooping.

This story too really gets to me. I have a wife and daughter and the thought of anyone doing anything to them gets my blood boiling. There was an incident a few months ago, right before COVID-19 hit where a car with a guy and girl pulled over and started asking my wife questions about our dog she was walking and they proceeded to pull over in front of her. Thankfully she just ran and got out of harms way but it was very unsettling.

So please, if you have any information about this guy, please contact the El Paso Police Department.

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