In 1994 one of the most brutal metal CDs ever was released. Tuesday, it gets released again ... but you can own it TODAY!"Far Beyond Driven", by Texas boys Pantera, is required listening for any metalhead.  Released in '94 on the heels of the equally iconic (and heavy metal game changer) "Cowboys From Hell", it took metal yet another giant step forward.  Now, FBD has been remastered, repackaged and it sounds better than ever! FBD 2.0 also comes with a bonus disc; Panteras entire live set from their '94 Castle Donnington performance!!

Photo by George De Sota/Liaison

You want one, don't ya?  Here's how to get it, for free, before it even goes on sale Tuesday!  Listen to KLAQ now through Monday and be the correct caller when we tell you it's time! It's that simple, cuz we're that cool!

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Getcha' pull folks!

Anyone who even suspects that they may be a Pantera fan should already know this vid is NSFW!