The 2014 KLAQ Balloonfest had some gorgeous babes walking around Wet-n-Wild but this guy stole all the attention.

I met Juan back in 2013 at the Texas Tattoo Showdown. I was surprised to find out he was the guy who submitted a photo of a dolphin tattoo on his butt, for a chance to win free tickets from a KLAQ contest. Sadly, he didn't win but he was my favorite entry!

My job for Balloonfest was to search for various things to take pictures of. Thank god I found Juan because I freaked out when I noticed he was in a thong! Not only did he receiving plenty of attention from the crowd, but he was actually getting people to stick dollar bills in his thong!


He was working his goods for the crowd and even caught the attention of some guys! Juan has left some mental scars but this is a great outfit.


I spent some time taking to Juan and his wife. He was telling me about his next crazy idea for the upcoming Texas Tattoo Showdown. He is thinking about participating in a suspension act. Juan is preparing to hang from the ceiling by being held only by hooks! Keeping my fingers crossed that he will do it in his now famous thong! He is probably going to need a stage name! He can walk out to "Mexican Thong Song" but he needs a cool alter ego, maybe Fitz MeNicely?