The best part of finding a positive inspiration is taking that first step to learn more of what got you inspired in the first place. Every musician has their hero that got them interested in music and instrument.

Now whether you are a singer like myself, or you play an instrument someone introduced you to your obsession. For me, myself, and I having been a musician since I was 5, my inspirations have come from all genres. I have always been inspired by the hard work and obvious talent of my many hero's.

When I was younger, I used to sing and play the drums. My hero on the drums was the late great John Bonham. David Lee Roth, was my first inspiration as a lead singer/front man. Both of these guys had the charisma that made them hero's to so many that have followed in their footsteps.

So no matter really what you do in life, there will always be someone who inspired you to be better than you ever thought. To be the best you have to believe that knowledge is power, never think you know everything about your craft, because there is always room to grow!


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