Musicians write some great stuff and then, other musicians learn from it.

Some may borrow a little from it or, just take the whole thing for themselves.

Who did it best?

Music lovers all have certain songs that are special. Some make us feel a certain way, some bring back memories, and some inspire us.

Whatever the reason, cover songs abound.

Your favorite song has probably been covered by somebody, somewhere, I almost guarantee.

I can see an homage here and there during a performance or, using other peeps songs as "learning tools."

If you are going to just straight up redo a song though you better really bring something to it. Don't just show us that you know how to play it, make it your own.

Here are some of my favorite "cover" songs:

Shinedown - Simple Man. Pretty stripped down musically to begin with, Shinedown breaks it down even farther. An acoustic guitar is all Brent needs to bring an extra presence and emotiveness to the already awesome lyrics.

Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company. Sang from an outlaw's point of view, Ivan brings an extra edginess and desperation to the lyrics, while the rest of the band adds a heavier, more violent touch.

Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams. Manson, with relatively little musical deviation, just did what he does best ... made it creepy AF.

Disturbed/Boboflex - Sound Of Silence. (This one's a tie.) Disturbed rebuilt the song, using strings and Dave Dramains awesome voice to bring this tale of loneliness and disconnection a new life while Boboflex just "rocked it up". Their video for it though spins the lyrics in a different direction with its look at mental instability and obsession.

Johnny Cash - Hurt. Ok, not exactly a rock "version" but, Cash kills it. Using little more than an acoustic guitar and his voice, Cash very calmly makes YOU feel the lyrics.

What's your favorite "cover"?

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