This is something that a lot of people have probably gone to Snopes to check out, including myself. Did a white Republican tweet out that he was a black gay guy? Well, yes. The answer is yes. The tweet came from former Lehigh County Commissioner Dean Browning and has been taken down but you can is it by CLICKING HERE.

According to Browning's Twitter bio, he is:

A proud pro-life & pro-2A Christian conservative dedicated to enacting common sense solutions to Keep America Great.

You'll notice there was also his explanation about him intending that tweet to be a quote from someone. Here is a video from someone claiming to be the guy that sent Browning the quote.

Well, there are some major question marks around if this was actually a guy by the name of Dan Purdy that sent that quote to Dean Browning. This comes directly from Snopes:

We found other instances of @DanPurdy322 responding to someone who replied to Browning.

Some Twitter users were quick to note that @DanPurdy322 bore a strong resemblance to William Holte, purported to be singer Patti LaBelle’s son. Holte’s Facebook account, named in the URL, but Byl Holte by name, contained the same cartoonish profile image from Twitter. @DanPurdy322 also tweeted that “common sense is the solution,” which bore a striking similarity to the name of a website listed in Browning’s Twitter bio: Common Sense Solutions.

So what-say-you? Was this just an honest mistake by Dean Browning and he meant to quote Dan Purdy? Or is Dan Purdy a fake account for Dean Browning and he screwed up sending out that tweet?

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