Is this a sign of the divide beginning? Is the Republican party getting ready to split in two? In the state of Texas we now have another conservative party It's called the MAGA Patriot Party.

On Monday, the Texas Election Commission posted a notice of organization on behalf of the MAGA Patriot Party, in San Antonio, TX. Just how broad is this party? Not very. They apparently have just one goal. That's to raise money for Donald J. Trump for President. Seriously, that's it.

According to documents, the committee fundraises exclusively for the "Donald J. Trump for President" political action committee.

Is this really any surprise that this is happening? No. Trump has said he's thought about starting his own political party. If you're a Republican this should worry you. Where do you think the new members of the MAGA Patriot Party are going to come from? They aren't going to be former Democrats. So they're essentially splitting the party. That is, if that many people really want to jump ship. It's not known if Trump is officially linked to this new party.

If this party does take off and enough people decide they want to join, it spells the end of the Republican party for at least the foreseeable future. There's no way the Republican party will be able to garner enough votes to beat Democrats if a large enough portion of people leave for this MAGA Patriot Party. Of course, if the Republicans party were smart, they'd come back to the middle and work toward that independent crowd. Yeah, someone like me. I vote Republican. Just not Trump.

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