Everyone has faced the look of shock in someone you reveal a movie you've never seen to. I remember when I would face that exact look when I revealed certain movies I have never seen.

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Stars Wars

Dan LaMorte who is a stand-up comedian had tweeted about a certain American epic space opera, Star Wars. But it is so true about how exciting it is to see someone else's reaction to your response.

Now I can just imagine the look on people's faces when he mentions a very popular movie that is loved by many. I came across another tweet about a sports anchor my daughter gets a kick out of watching, Abc 7's Nate Ryan.

Colin Deaver, a sports director at KTSM had called out Abc 7's Nate Ryan and movies he's never seen. So according to Colin Deaver Nate Ryan has never seen Top Gun and Shawshank Redemption. While Colin Deaver has never seen Pineapple Express it got me wondering who would have you more in disbelief.

But I thought I would jump on that bandwagon and join in on the fun. One classic movie I have never seen that stuns a lot of people is Office Space.

In fact, some people have called me crazy for not seeing that flick still to this day. But I am happy to report that I have seen the movies Colin Deaver and Nate Ryan haven't. But who has you in disbelief out of me, Colin, and Nate? Place your vote in the poll below.

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