There is nothing like seeing your team beat the opposing teams on the field and on social media. Unfortunately, my team (the Los Angeles Chargers) didn't make the Super Bowl cut. There aren't a lot of teams left now to determine who will play the Super Bowl. The teams that made it this far are currently battling it out without breaking a sweat on social media. NFL and Bud Light present Bud Light's Celly of the Week on Twitter. The 3 football teams that are up against each other are Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and (save the best for last) Green Bay Packers.

If you have Twitter and firmly believe in supporting local, tweet the Packers Celly. I never turn down an opportunity to support local any way I can. As a matter of fact, I supported local yesterday, by tweeting my vote (for the Green Bay Packers) on Twitter as you will notice above. Besides, Green Bay Packers are my second favorite team since my daughter Izzy is a mini fan. But you're probably wondering how I could consider Green Bay Packers local, right? If you don't know, shame on you. But El Paso's connection to the Green Bay Packers is Mr. Showtyme_33 aka Aaron Jones. So if you do have a Twitter and a few seconds to spare, place your vote for Green Bay Packers. Help Aaron Jones and his teammates win Bud Light Celly of the Week on Twitter. But if your actual team made the cut such as Bills or Chiefs then go right ahead and back your team up, Aaron Jones will totally understand.

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