Should we call him Berniedamus? Sanderdamus? Nostrasanders? Oooo! Nostrabernie!! It doesn't matter what you call him, he called this s***show of an election back in October. Of course, people who side with Trump will say otherwise. But let's take a look at it all here. First, watch the video (go to 2:55 for his statement):

Sound familiar? That's exactly what's happening right now. Here is what the Trumpers will say. "The mail in ballots are fake and stacked in Biden's favor to give him the necessary votes to take some of the states he was losing in." Is there any validity to this? There doesn't appear to be any facts to back up this belief. We can look at how things have unfolded to really take a look at this.

  • Trump has been laying the groundwork for this complaint since his victory in 2016. He claimed an election he won an election he won was rigged against him.
  • Trump has been saying that mail-in voting opens the door for fraud and that the votes shouldn't be counted. Despite the fact that there is been no evidence that mail-in ballots lead to voter fraud.
  • Trump continued to say that COVID-19 wasn't an issue and you didn't need to worry about voting in person. So his people did. Biden supporters chose to take advantage of early voting and mail-in voting.
  • The votes that were counted first in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada were the election day, in-person ballots.
  • After those votes were counted, those states then moved onto the mail-in ballots.
  • So not all that surprising, the lead for Trump happened early on election day, but when those states got to the mail-in ballots, Biden closed the gap in some, and eventually took the lead and won others.
  • Trump has now already said that he's going to dispute the results in some of these states and ask for a recount. In some of the states, he should ask for a recount. That's not being a douchebag, that's completely on the level. However, claiming fraud simply because you lost is a childish move.
  • And being able to claim you knew how you were going to lose before it happened doesn't prove you're right. It proves you knew there was a flaw in your campaign that should have been taken care of. But it's easier to leave that loophole open so you can use it to your advantage later. That still doesn't prove he has any validity in his claims. There was over 1 million mail-in votes requested in Pennsylvania and last Friday was the deadline to dispute them. If Trump was really concerned about them and had a valid point, why didn't he dispute them then?

By the way, as I'm writing this, it's still not over. Trump could still win.


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