The Mexican Food Cook-Off is going on downtown until 11 p.m. tonight and was curious what chips you think are better and hotter.The battle is between Takis and Hot Cheetos between two ladies and two men judging which chips take the trophy.

Many of you could probably handle chile better than I can handle it myself and yes, I am Hispanic. I can't even handle Hot Cheetos myself and most of the people I know can handle Takis and hotter! As for this little group, there is a disagreement on which chips take the win.

Between the two men experimenting which chip has a better kick and flavor, the man on the right give his vote to the Hot Cheetos. The other man just didn't seem to feel anything for any of those chips. Then between the women, the one on the right voted for Takis and the other woman swerved her decision.

What chips do you think will take the win between the Hot Cheetos and Takis?