If you are able to still purchase a bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos then consider yourself lucky. There are some people in El Paso that absolutely love the spicy snack and would feel devastated if we had a shortage. The Flamin' Hot Cheetos are like drugs for some people who just can't get enough of them.

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Plus some of us enjoy eating those spicy chips mixed with queso from time to time. But can you imagine having a strong craving for that snack but not being able to accomplish that mission due to a shortage?

Yeah, you know that it would blow to be stuck with a craving you can't take care of. I now understand why some people like to stock up on certain food items, to avoid a problem like this.

I know people who actually stock up for situations like this that arise out of nowhere. Well, right now there are Flamin' Hot Cheetos fanatics worrying about how and where to get their next snack fix during a shortage.

Chingo Bling, his wife, and friend were in El Paso

According to Say Cheese Twitter, some places in the United States that are suffering from the shortage are putting limitations on how many you can purchase. Just refer to the photo from Say Cheese's Twitter featured directly above.

But I honestly think the Flamin' Hot Cheetos shortage hit home right here in El Paso. Just the other day I was looking around to order some for curbside pick up but it says out of stock for the Target and Walmart I go to. Let's hope for the sake of those Flamin' Hot Cheetos fanatics the shortage doesn't last for a really long time in the borderland.

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