One year after Lucy Rae was caught on film jumping into the Spider Monkey enclosure  (and giving the Spider Monkey's Hot Cheetos) at the El Paso Zoo, she is finally speaking out and it looks like she isn't apologizing.

Just one year ago, this was the news heard round the world- a woman, who would later be identified as Luz "Lucy" Rae, was filmed disregarding the safety measures put into place at the El Paso Zoo and entered the animal enclosure and fed them some Hot Cheetos.

The El Paso Zoo Director Joe Montisano told KVIA News the woman was "stupid and lucky" she was able to get out of the enclosure unharmed. Mason Kleist is a zookeeper at the El Paso Zoo and said the woman could have been seriously harmed by the animal:

These are primates we're talking about, they could do some substantial damage to you. They may be small monkey's but they can take you to the ground if they wanted to.

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While the stunt may have only been a few minutes, the idiotic moment has had lasting repercussions for Lucy Rae. She was banned from the El Paso Zoo, fired from her job at the Lovett Law Firm, however she was able to get a new gig at the Mark Davis Law Firm.

Now, in a new interview with KVIA, Rae maintains that what she did was innocent.

Well, I don’t think I did anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong. I did not hurt anyone.

Sitting with her attorney, and boss, Mark T. Davis, Rae would not speak on the incident as there is a pending criminal lawsuit underway, but Rae has no plans to apologize on what she did, and if she learned one thing it's this:

I learned just keep the Cheetos to myself. I can’t share.

Imagine waiting a whole year to say something that dumb? Also, plot twist, they weren't HOT Cheetos, they were just REGULAR Cheetos!

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