A new theme park has opened up in Weston-Super-Mare in southeast England called "Dismaland." Well technically, it's called a "bemusementpark." This unique exhibit is the brain child of controversial artist Banksy, along with many other artists who wanted to create, "a festival of art, amusement and entry-level anarchism."

As if many people didn't already know about Dismaland thanks to all the press the park received when it first mysteriously popped up in the UK, now there is a commercial to display the creepy park. This isn't your peppy ideal family park -- Dismaland focuses on art that shows you the true ideas of what this business is about and how the world is a cruel, cold place.

You might not want to take the kids, but the earlier the better for you to show them just how depressing reality truly is. We all can't be princesses, and those that are just might end up with a wrecked carriage.

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