Do you think this commercial is racist? The internet says yes. But this commercial is actually a ripoff of an Italian commercial.

A new Chinese laundry detergent commercial has gone viral after raising eyebrows and starting discussion about racism in advertising. Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi has the internet talking about its newest commercial where a woman encounters a black man in dirty clothes and throws him into the washing machine. Once the cycle is done, out pops a clean Chinese man.

The internet immediately began discussing the commercial, saying the woman "ethnically cleansed" the man. One Youtube comments even said that she literally "white-washed" the man. Even though the commercial is in completely poor taste and isn't funny at all (comedy is what I think they were going for), this isn't the first time this has happened.

The internet sleuths found an old Italian commercial from back in 2006 of the Italian detergent brand Coloreria Italiana and their slogan "Colored is better." In the commercial, a scrawny white man is seen being thrown into the wash and emerges as a tall, muscular black man. Even some of the music in the Italian ad is the same as the Chinese one.

Check out the original ad below and the Chinese one above. Also see other racist ads here.

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