Whataburger has been teasing fans on social media that a new condiment is coming soon, but what is it? Whataburger fans are known for taking their spicy ketchup seriously, but it looks like Whataburger is ready to unleash a brand new condiment on its loyal fanbase.

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Back on December 20th, Whataburger tweeted out a picture of a blacked-out condiment package with the words "it's coming." No one really knew what was coming exactly but burger lovers were excited. The Whataburger spicy ketchup is a favorite of many and is even sold in stores which is where I got my bottle of the tasty topping. Some of the other condiments you can only get at Whataburger locations include:

  • Original Mustard
  • Original Mayo
  • Fancy Ketchup
  • Honey BBQ
  • Creamy Pepper
  • Creamy Au Jus
  • Jalapeno Ranch

Then earlier today Whataburger tweeted out another photo, but this time you can see more of the wrapper, giving more clues as to what the new condiment will be.

With the new picture, you can see the peel-off lid is white in color and there's a short word on the top. Some people believe the first word on the top starts with an "S" but there's no way to tell for sure what it says. People began making their guesses online as to what they believed the new flavor will be, everything from "sweet" ketchup to "sriracha" ketchup. Still no word on when they will be announcing the new condiment but hopefully we'll know by the end of the year.

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