Y'all, this is the most Texas thing I have ever heard of!

Texans are relying on the Whataburger App for some help in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, and it's not to order a patty melt!

Move over Waffle House Index, Whataburger is here to help Texans!

You've heard of the Waffle House Index, right? Although it is informal, the Waffle House Index is a way to measure how bad a storm or disaster is by checking if local Waffle House restaurants are open or closed. Because Waffle House restaurants are known for staying open during tough conditions, their status can quickly show how serious a disaster is and where help might be needed the most.

National Chain Restaurants Waffle House And Cheesecake Factory Close Some Locations Due To Coronavirus Economic Slowdown
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Well, in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, millions of Texans have been left without power, and even more have been dealing with power outages for the past two days. While Texans are left searching for updates from energy provider CenterPoint Energy with no luck, they're now turning to the Whataburger app.

How are they using the Whataburger app? Texans are looking at the chain's location map on the app, which is color-coded with the classic "W" logo showing orange if the restaurant is open and grey if it's closed − in this case, likely due to a lack of power!


Using the Whataburger app to determine where power outages are is just about the most Texas thing ever.
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How clever is that?! Clever, but also, pretty sad that we have to resort to Whataburger because of how unreliable CenterPoint Energy has been.

It looks like the only one a Texan can rely on is Whataburger!

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