If you can relate to hilarious memes that joke about your encounter with a cockroach, I want to know your weapon of choice! There are so many ways you can eliminate a cockroach from the unwanted guest list.

LeoKim Video tried testing the theory on whether a cockroach would survive a powerful vacuum. He put his kill to the test on whether the roach will remain alive after being tossed around. I absolutely f***ing hate cockroaches and would scream bloody murder during an encounter. I don't have the heart to play the role of Hulk smash and more so because of the sound. My weapon of choice to execute a cockroach is and has always been a vacuum. After discovering the sucker still didn't die had me question if the roaches I used the vacuum on remained alive. Now sometimes we may not have our first choice laying around but some of these have gotten the job done before.

Take the poll below on how you take out the enemy you've been terrified of for so long!


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