Something that will pop up every now and then on social media is how to make some of your favorite restaurant menu items. Here are some of those recipes you can find here on the inter-webs.

That link for the Big Mac is pretty damn cool. They have a gigantic list of recipes from all kinds of places. Something that didn't pop up though is anything from Chico's Tacos. But do not fear, people have been making their own Chico's Tacos for awhile, and especially since the pandemic had closed the doors of Chico's Tacos.

CLICK THIS LINK HERE to head on over to a full recipe for Chico's Tacos. It has everything from the sauce to the filling to the taquitos.

Recently someone asked about the hot dog at Chico's Tacos over on Reddit. The question was simple.

Does anyone know what are in the hotdogs? General things like pickels mustard,toppings

Well, people answered.

So it’s two weenies split in half longways & on a hamburger bun. It has chili beans, mustard, & pickle. It’s really good. Used to be better but still good. A little dry nowadays, ask for extra stuff maybe.

Someone also shared a link to the hot dogs HERE.

Ive ate there for years and yea its the only thing I get. I try doing them at home with a hamburger bun, ketchup, mustard, pickles,and the cut wienees with the chills beans . Its good but I kinda like the actual one I tiny bit more.

Now, with 4th of July right around the corner, go enjoy yourself a homemade Chico's Dog.

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