How many of you out there remember Celebrity Deathmatch on Mtv? This show was as entertaining as they come at the time. A whole new way of looking at your favorite celebs get a medieval on each other in only the most violent by any means necessary!

This show back in the day was a little controversial but only in the most gross and fantastic way! Where else on earth would you catch your favorite celeb's in a fighter takes all in animated Claymation?

This show would definitely be a very highly rated show. With all the problems plaguing us now a days, this entertainment could even possibly be the answer we're looking for. Imagine if you will, President Trump and Russian President Putin whooping each other's ass! Better than a nuclear holocaust right? Or how about any number of your favorite celebs who don't get along! Enough with tweets back in forth, instead just get in the ring!

So if you still have no idea what this show is all about, I've put a video down below that will answer all your questions! Enjoy my friends!