Did you ever wish a favorite television show would film in El Paso just to meet the host? I sure have. I have always wanted to meet John Quinones host of What Would You Do and also on 20/20 on Abc 7.

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John Quinones shared his excitement about being in El Paso on his social media. But in a few photos, that he shared with a famed Artist here in El Paso that you may recognize. John Quinones took a picture with local artist Jesus Alvarado.

It is clear why Jesus Alvarado's skills are being glorified by John Quinones for a future segment. You can see the masterpieces that television host John Quinones shared on his Facebook. Plus from the looks of the two in the photo, Jesus Alvarado definitely kept his cool. Which if it were me on his end, I would be cheesing real hard with Mr. Quinones.

But the segment will be focusing on the important story of Hispanic Heritage. John Quinones will be sharing a few more other interviews for that story. But among them all, you can be able to spot Jesus Alvarado as he plays his part in that special.

So Jesus Alvardo should feel proud for how it started to where it is going. After all, he even amazed John Quinones with his special talent. Hell, John Quinones even captioned the pictures about being in awe with his art.

El Paso should feel proud about how strong we have been through the hardships we have encountered over time. It certainly will be highlighted in the special segment that can be seen when that time comes. Local celebrity Jesus Alvarado is proof hard work and passion pays off. Some of us are looking forward to when that future Friday special airs.

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