Daniel Villegas spent quite some time behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. Daniel Villegas who was wrongfully convicted in 1995 was exonerated in 2018. Villegas who was a minor was charged with Armando Lazo, 17 and Robert England, 18 deaths. His case drew national attention that was featured on several crime shows. Daniel Villegas's case was featured on NBC's Dateline show titled "The Confession" in 2015. I remember watching that a long time ago and also believing Daniel Villegas was an innocent man. But a couple of months ago A&E's Court Cam shared the emotional moment Daniel Villegas was set free. It took a total of 3 trials for Daniel Villegas to finally be exonerated from the charges. In the video above you will see Daniel Villegas in front of his family and supporters with his lawyers as he waits for his sentence.

Daniel Villegas was only 16 years old when he was accused of killing  Armando Lazo and Robert England in 1993. When you're 16 and you have no clue what your rights are you can be bullied into a false confession like Daniel Villegas. He spent the majority of his life behind bars for a crime he didn't do. In the clip above from Court Cam, you can see the emotional response from his family after the jury reads their final decision. When the jury reads the verdict Daniel Villegas collapses back into his chair when he hears not guilty. Now you will see Daniel Villegas's picture on The National Registry of Exonerations. One thing is I am so happy Daniel Villegas was reunited with his family after so long. When I saw the clip above I couldn't help but also let out some tears of joy for him.

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