There's nothing like sitting outside a courtroom and watching an attempted fistfight happen right before your eyes. I never knew that the El Paso County Courthouse could be spontaneously entertaining. At least the times some of us spent at the courthouse were never as thrilling as this.

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For some like Christy Villegas was just minding her own business on the cold marble bench until a fight broke out in front of the 41st District Court glass doors. Granted this fight between the two dudes outside the courtroom happened more than a few years ago, according to Christy Villegas. You may have possibly come across this video years prior and remember this particular courthouse fight.

Christy's video views grow continually every time she shares that particular memory every year on her Facebook. Now once you check out the video, did you catch yourself wondering about something from start to finish? After watching I wondered why the heck it took a good while for someone to finally step in and prevent it from getting any worse or lasting as long as it did.

The attempted fistfight between two men that came out of 41st District Court is unknown when I personally asked Christy. She too also had no clue but we definitely had one of those moments someone says what you are thinking during our conversation. Christy who witnessed from the bench also pondered what I questioned about while watching the controversy.

It took longer than it should have for authority to step in and help mellow out the situation occurring outside 41st District Court. Feel free to share if you've witnessed a fight at the El Paso County Courthouse in the poll below.

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