The guys from Article 15 and Leadslinger's Whiskey have been tackling bacon-eating challenges for a month now. They have yet to win one.

This last week, they ducked into Nona's Pizza Bar on N. Mesa St. to try their hand against their new 40-inch bacon/green chile pizza. You could wrap an toddler in this pizza, folks. When it takes two grown men to deliver your pizza, you know you've got the real deal.

J.T. decided on a new strategy for this week with surprisingly successful -- though disgusting results. Rocco backed off the eating to try a new fashion trend -- the Pizza Hat. (Though now that we type that, that name seems dangerously close to a very specific restaurant that will probably sue us.)

Anyway, like all these challenges, you can go to Nona's and try for the title yourself. If you can manage to choke it all down, it's on the house.

What a time to be alive!

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