You saw them last week when they tacked the five-foot Texas Bacon Sushi Roll. This week, the crew from Article 15 are teaming up with us again for another eating challenge.

It took six men over 20 minutes to eat that sushi roll, but this week, we're going for sheer quantity. How many Malolam tacos can our heroes eat? Well, first off, we're starting with four guys -- Rocco, Mat, J.T. and Evan. But Rocco is the one who's going to set the pace. The number of tacos that Rocco and eat will determine Malolam's challenge for the public.

All of this is to prepare the Art 15 crew, body and mind, for 2016 Sun City Baconfest, set for April 17 at Union Plaza. The guys will even perform their final challenge live on stage at the festival.

We're going to apologize in advance, because by the time this video wraps up, you'll be needing a taco so badly, you'll have the shakes. We hear of a good place you could get some.

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